We offer Women’s Health services for diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting all phases of a woman’s life. Our physiotherapist Tusanee Jierasak is specially trained in the areas of pelvic floor, continence, and pre and post-natal rehabilitation. We are passionate about women’s health, and understand each woman is different. Our individually tailored treatment plans are designed to help you achieve your best quality of life.

We offer services in the following
• Urinary incontinence, or poor bladder control
• Bowel incontinence or constipation
• Prolapse
• Pregnancy and post-natal care
• Pelvic girdle pain
• Back or neck pain
• Abdominal muscle separation during or after pregnancy
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Wrist and thumb pain
• Rib pain
• Headaches

What to expect on your initial consultation

You do not require a referral to see our women’s health physiotherapist, but you may be referred from your doctor, gynecologist or obstetrician. Please mention women’s health when making your booking.

For your initial consultation, please allow 60 minutes to ensure a thorough assessment and diagnosis. This first visit will include taking a detailed history on your pelvic floor, sex, bladder and bowel habits. If your condition relates to these areas, an internal examination may be necessary, with your consent. This will allow us to properly assess any changes to your pelvic floor muscles, or degree of prolapse, and provide an accurate diagnosis. The internal examination will be further explained during your appointment. A detailed explanation of your condition is then discussed, and together an individualised management plan is decided upon, which will address your therapy and exercise.

Please allow 30 minutes for follow up appointments, in which you will be closely guided through your management plan.

If you have private health insurance, please bring along your health fund card as we can process your claim through HICAPS on the spot, and you will only need to pay the gap amount.

All our consultations are treated with care and sensitivity, and carried out in private rooms.

Our clinic is child and baby friendly.


Please contact 9587 9130 to organise an appointment with Tus.