Laurence Nguyen - Physiotherapist

Laurence graduated from The Univeristy of Sydney in 2010. Wanting to focus more on musculoskeletal and sports injury management, and with his platform established, Laurence joined our team in August 2013.

With a platform for success established, Laurence became the Practice Principal in March 2016 of our additional clinic, Penshurst St Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. 

With a passion for movement that has been cultivated in the strength and conditioning setting, Laurence always endeavours to assist people to improve and achieve their full potential in their quality of life. 

Laurence's exposure with specialists in the medical field has allowed him to develop individualised quality care, utilising cutting edge physiotherapy techniques whilst always adhering to professional and ethical principles. 

Laurence supplements his skillset with the Thoracic Ring Approach and Integrated Systems Model after completing an in-depth series with interntionally recognised physiotherapist, Dr Linda-Joy Lee, to effectively assess the body in a holistic fashion. He has a special interest in treating ribs, shoulders and hips. 

Laurence's other interests includes Mixed Martial Arts, Gym strengthening, Combat Sports, Hiking and Motor Bike riding.

Laurence is currently consulting at our additional clinic at Penshurst St Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. To make an appointment to see Laurence, please contact 9585 8000.