John Daher - Principal Physiotherapist

John is a highly recognised clinician who leads the physiotherapy profession in the Kogarah community. Graduating from The University of Sydney, his clinical expertise, further research and ongoing commitment to study has allowed him to deliver treatment that enhances movement patterns and dysfunctions that cause you symptoms. John will help you explore and realise your potential to allow you on the right track to changing your life and returning you to the activities you love. 

John has completed numerous other postgraduate courses including his level three APA Sports Physiotherapy qualification as he finalises his journey to be an APA Sports Physiotherapist.  He has been Practice Principal since 2007 and is a registered member with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and a member of both the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Physiotherapy Australia thus ensuring he always adheres to professional and ethical principles.

John has been focusing his time on shoulder and scapula related problems such as impingement syndrome, instability and rotator cuff tears. His clinical expertise in this area, led him to consultant physiotherapist for orthopaedic shoulder surgeon and director of the Orthopaedic Research Institute at St. George Hospital, Professor George Murrell. John has extended his clinical experience to teaching other Physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, CrossFit coaches and Doctors at large conferences about best practice in the area of shoulder assessment and management.


     o Shoulder injuries
     o Foot & Ankle injuries
     o Training load monitoring in relation to injuries
     o Tendon injuries

John has a close working relationship with elite athletes and Australian representatives. He has been providing physiotherapy for Athletics NSW since 2004. John has also provided football coverage for St George Soccer, Sydney Olympic FC and many other football teams. John also provides physiotherapy to CrossFit athletes.

During John’s spare time, you will find him out Cycling, at CrossFit or Karate.

Laurence Nguyen - Physiotherapist

Laurence graduated from The Univeristy of Sydney in 2010. Wanting to focus more on musculoskeletal and sports injury management, and with his platform established, Laurence joined our team in August 2013.

With a platform for success established, Laurence became the Practice Principal in March 2016 of our additional clinic, Penshurst St Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. 

With a passion for movement that has been cultivated in the strength and conditioning setting, Laurence always endeavours to assist people to improve and achieve their full potential in their quality of life. 

Laurence's exposure with specialists in the medical field has allowed him to develop individualised quality care, utilising cutting edge physiotherapy techniques whilst always adhering to professional and ethical principles. 

Laurence supplements his skillset with the Thoracic Ring Approach and Integrated Systems Model after completing an in-depth series with interntionally recognised physiotherapist, Dr Linda-Joy Lee, to effectively assess the body in a holistic fashion. He has a special interest in treating ribs, shoulders and hips. 

Laurence's other interests includes Mixed Martial Arts, Gym strengthening, Combat Sports, Hiking and Motor Bike riding.

Laurence is currently consulting at our additional clinic at Penshurst St Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. To make an appointment to see Laurence, please contact 9585 8000.

Eleanor (Ele) Currie - Physiotherapist

Ele completed her Physiotherapy Masters Degree after completing a Bachelor of Science, Sport and Exercise Science and Physiology degree.

Ele has worked amongst elite athletes. She has a keen interest in rehabilitation and injury prevention and will help identify and address the underlying causes for the injury. She uses a range of manual therapy, movement re-education and exercise rehabilitation techniques to treat your injury and prevent it from reoccuring. Eleanor has an interest in rehabilitation of the lumbopelvic region and lower limb, particularly following knee injuries. 

Ele is also a physiotherapist for Gymnastics NSW.

To make an appointment to see Ele, please contact 9587 9130.

Alasdair Brown - Physiotherapist

alasdair brownAlasdair graduated from The University of Sydney in 2013 following a four year full time degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy).

Alasdair has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries as well as biomechanical analysis and correction. Alasdair has a strong passion for treating back and neck pain as well as implementing motor control and postural retraining programs.

Alasdair continues to enhance his skillset with continuuing professional developement, bringing with him fresh, up to date knowledge and evidence based physiotherapy with a keenness to implement his learning. His extensive knowledge in the medical field has allowed him to develop quality care utilising cutting edge physiotherapy techniques and leading research based treatment practices, whilst always adhering to professional and ethical principles. 

Alasdair's other interests include Hockey, Running, Cricket and AFL.

Tusanee (Tus) Jierasak - 


Tusanee completed her Physiotherapy Masters Degree after a career working in film and advertising. She made the change after discovering a love for the body and movement.

Tusanee has worked in hospital settings and has a wide variety of experience in different clinical settings, including rural physiotherapy.

Tusanee has a strong passion for treating back pain as well as chronic pain and implementing specific and functional motor control and core stability retraining programs.

Tusanee also teaches Hatha yoga and in her spare time does pottery and studies Ayurveda.


Brittany Taylor -  



Brittany attained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Australian Catholic University. She is a solution-based thinker that addresses the cause of pain by focusing on the biomechanics of human movement. She is a passionate therapist who utilises an active approach to foster independence and empower her patients. She has a particular interest in sporting injuries.

Brittany has substantial sporting experience, having competed as an elite-level skier and worked as a level 2 ski-instructor in Canada. She has also worked as a sports trainer for Rugby at the Scots College and coached water-polo since 2012.

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys staying active with water polo and running and loves to travel.  


Phillip Liao - Physiotherapist

Phillip attained his Masters of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Sydney after completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. By combining principles from both his studies and his own further learning. Phillip adopts an integrated approach that focuses on strengthening to address movement problems and weaknesses. He has a special interest in strength sports and its’ associated injuries.

Having also worked as a personal trainer since 2013, he understands the impact a physical injury can have on social and mental aspects of your life. He does not adopt a one size fits all approach, instead, he believes in working together with the patient to formulate the best treatment programs specific to their needs and lifestyle.

In his spare time, Phillip is a national level Olympic Weightlifter, holding the 2016 NSW Senior State Champion and 2016 National runner up title. He also works as a weightlifting coach and blogs about his experiences as a strength athlete.