What happens at my initial assessment?

Following an initial thorough subjective examination of your condition, a full hands on assessment with functional capacity testing is performed by a University Qualified and Australian Registered Physiotherapist to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Treatments will involve education on your condition and we will structure a suitable treatment plan through various treatment modalities to relieve pain, restore function, flexibility and strength. Skills and techniques used may include mobilisations of joints and neural tissue, soft tissue massage, manipulation, postural correction, electrotherapy, exercises and muscle rehabilitation. Your Physiotherapist may teach you techniques to use at home to manage your problem, which may include exercise and preventative measures.

You are invited to ask any questions you may have. If you have any problems or questions between or after visits, you can call or email us at our practice at any time.

We ask that you bring any relevant medical information (e.g. doctor's reports, X-ray reports, insurance company details for compensable patients etc) for the Physiotherapist to review at your first session.